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My husband and I where looking to buy our first house, and we decided to check out Powder River Homes. From the minute we walked through the door of their office to the minute we closed I have never felt more welcomed and I have never come across nicer, friendlier people than Karrie Jo and Kayla. They made the buying process so easy and stress free! I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home! Weather it be your first home or just looking for something new, they are great and do everything they can to make sure you are happy every step of the way! I really appreciate everything they have done for my husband and I, and would strongly suggest anyone looking to buy a home to check them out! 

-Jessica & Ray


I bought a new home from Kayla and KarrieJo about 11 months ago. to the friendly atmosphere of their office, and working with these two girls as they helped me with all my options for purchasing my home to the wonderful friendship with them both since! I will definately send anyone to them that is looking for a home!

-W.K. 07/2016

Worked with Kayla she was knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions. I would work with them in a heartbeat. -Michelle-

We bought our home at the beginning of 2014 and we absolutely love our Schult home. The structure and quality of the home are of course great craftsmanship. Our home shipped with few cracks in which Powder River fixed before closing on our home to new, and to this day structure has held so great. We suffered minor and minimal cracks while settling. Powder River came back a year later to fix these for us. We also had an ordering issue with an appliance in our home which led to needing new cabinets and countertop. This was fixed on the dot and we had everything replaced by Powder River. Other than this minor detail Powder River was a major part in finding our dream home and land. Without the help of these individuals working days, nights and weekends our dream home would not have been possible. We are very thankful and so in love with our home! This was an easy and stress free form of buying a home thanks to Powder River! Thank you guys!!!!! 
-Joe & Jessica 03/2014

My husband & I bought our new house from Karrie Jo at Powder River Homes 1 year ago. In prior years we had looked at buying a new home from other companies, but never had a real good feeling. The whole "Salesman" approach doesn't work for us. Everyone at PRH is very personable & thoughtful, from the office staff to the placing & repair staff. We were never pressured into any decision. All our concerns & questions have been dealt with in a very timely manner, from the time we ordered till 1 year later of living in the house. We highly recommend Powder River Homes for anyone looking at new homes. 
-Sandy 12/2014

Just wanted to thank PRH (Kayla, Karrie Jo and staff) for our wonderful new home! They helped make the buying and building experience a great one. We appreciated the consistent updates, the ability to quickly resolve any issues, and the timely manner in which our home was constructed. They would definitely get a recommendation from us!